What Is Tea Tree Oil for Cold Sores?

Tea Tree oil comes from a plant in Australia that is known for its powerful healing properties. It is a very strong antiseptic, and is used to treat many health ailments. Are you displaying any of the possible symptoms? If so, you need to take action now!

There are many essential oils that are used to treat different skin conditions, but when you use tea tree oil for cold sores, you’ll discover that it is an effective way to ease the pain and get rid of a cold sore much faster. One of the best natural substances that you can apply to the condition is Apothecary tea tree oil. Click on the link and find out how it’s working for people in the same situation as yourself.

There are many reasons why a cold sore ‘outbreak’ could occur, and there are many different treatments that you can use to relieve the pain. Some remedies will only ease the discomfort, while others will stop the sore from spreading.

An outbreak can happen for many reasons, includinghormonal changes, stress, sunshine, and extreme cold weather.  They also hurt. They burn, they itch, and when they form a scab, they don’t look at all nice.  There is some good news, though.

Tea Tree Oil for Cold Sores

There are cold sore treatments that work very effectively for the pain, and will help to stop the blister(s) from growing or spreading.

Does Tea Tree Oil Get Rid of Cold Sores?

Tea Tree oil is an effective way to treat fever blisters, but do NOT use it on its own because it must be mixed with other ingredients. 100% tea tree oil can be painful if applied without dilution. There are cold sore treatments that use tea tree oil, and they work really well.

One treatment is Super Lysine Plus Lip Clear Coldstick.  It contains tea tree oil, jojoba oil, different vitamins that are excellent for skin irritations, and it also contains other natural ingredients. The benefit of this product is that it can be carried with you and applied as soon as you notice any of the symptoms. Just keep it in your pocket in case you notice any of the symptoms. Click on the link below to read the review:

Tea Tree Oil Cold Sores Treatment

As stated previously, tea tree oil can be used to treat fever blisters.  But, only if you make sure that it is mixed with other oils. When it is mixed with other essential oils, like jojoba, coconut, or even olive oil, it is completely safe to apply directly.

You’ll find that Holocuren Miracle Lips Serum Propolis is an excellent all-in-one remedy. The ingredients are a blend of propolis and tea tree oil in butter, vitamins and other special enzymes that work together to form the perfect treatment.

It is designed to penetrate the skin, allowing the medicine to quickly treat the sore. It hydrates and exfoliates the lips, taking away the cells that could also contain the virus. It is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

It includes everything that is needed to prevent cracked, dry lips and fever blisters. It penetrates, hydrates, exfoliates and naturally medicates. Don’t seal in bacteria with waxy lip balms. Exfoliate the dead skin and causes of infection and dry lips. Hydrate and Moisturize the skin.

How to Put Tea Tree Oil on a Cold Sore

Fever blisters burn and sting.  When you are trying to find an all-natural product to use, one that has tea tree oil in it can be one of the best options.  This oil has been used for hundreds of years, and has treated lots of different ailments. Mix it with another essential oil and apply it 3 times a day with a Q-tip, allowing it to be absorbed naturally.

Don’t Apply Undiluted Tea Tree Oil

But one thing that seems to never get mentioned is that you cannot use tea tree oil by itself.  It must be combined with another essential oil, such as coconut oil, to be safe for use on skin. There are products that combine these different oils in a way that is very safe, and they are extremely effective in not only easing the pain, but also healing the sore.

How to Put Tea Tree Oil on a Cold Sore

Don’t Use Tea Tree Oil Inside the Mouth

You should never put anything with tea tree oil inside of your mouth, such as for canker sores.  There are different medications for them.  Cold sores appear on the outside of your mouth or lips, and canker sores appear on the inside of the mouth.

Tea tree oil, when blended correctly with other essential oils, is an good treatment for cold sores.  It is also all-natural, which many people now prefer.  And, although it does sink into the cold sore, it does not go into your bloodstream.  If you were to put it in your mouth, it would go directly into your body with your saliva. This should always be avoided.

Tea Tree Oil for Cold Sores while Pregnant

Pregnancy is a time of happiness, but it can also cause a lot of stress.  The hormonal changes aren’t seen in just your mood – they change the appearance of your skin, and they can cause cold sores also.

You have to be extremely careful when introducing something new to your body or skin, because of what it can do to the baby.  Tea tree oil is fine to use without affecting the baby in any way, as long as it is properly mixed with other oils.

The perfect product to use when you’re pregnant is Desert Essence Lip Rescue.  It stops the pain and burning almost instantly, and it works fast to heal the cold sore.  It is like a chapstick, so you can take it with you anywhere, and use it any time you start to feel uncomfortable again.  Cold sores may happen more than once throughout your pregnancy, so this would be a very good product to keep on hand.

There are many good treatments available, but it’s definitely worth giving Apothecary tea tree oil a try.  It is completely safe, even when you are pregnant. Don’t delay your treatment for any longer. The sooner that you take action, the more quickly it’ll heal.