How to Get Rid of a Cold Sore Scab & Reduce the Healing Time

Fever blisters are a nightmare!  From the burning pain and itching to the embarrassment, it can feel like it will never go away.  There are different stages of a cold sore, and the final stage is the scab.  There are a few ways to get rid of a cold sore scab quickly.

The best thing, of course, is to:

If you want to find out the top 3 treatments, click on the above link – be prepared in advance!  When used at the start, you won’t have to suffer for two weeks.  Taking action shortens the healing time considerably.

But, even at the scabbing stage, you can give yourself relief and there are ways that you can keep the scab softer, conceal it, and help it to heal faster.  Albeit unsightly and painful, the life cycle is at the end. You may wish to hide (and treat) them with the:

When you’re at work or out in public, wearing a patch will alleviate the visible concerns.

Get Rid of a Cold Sore Scab

When you have experienced the other stages of a cold sore, the scabbing can take the longest to heal. It depends on where it is located, too.  You can get a cold sore on your cheekunder your nose, and on the lip.  When it is on the lip, you have to be careful as the scab can crack, which will set back the healing process.

In this article, we will talk more about what you can do to get rid of the yellow scab.  While you definitely don’t want to pick it off, there are things that you can use that will keep it soft so it won’t crack, and it will heal much faster.

How to Get Rid of a Cold Sore Scab

To get rid of the scab, you should use a top-rated treatment, such as HERP-B-GONE.  You can read more about it in our review by clicking the link.  It was made to block the virus, and it can also be used as a lip moisturizer.  It will keep the scab moist as well as heal it faster. You can also read customer reviews by clicking on this link.

It contains natural ingredients, many of which are essential oils.  These oils have natural healing properties, and will soak into the scab, healing what is left of the sore.  It also works fast, and will relieve any pain that you are still having.

What to Do When Your Cold Sore Scabs

When your blister has dried up, a scab will form.  It is important that you keep it moist so that it doesn’t crack and bleed.  It will be itchy, because it’s healing, but you have to do your best not to scratch it.

When you keep it moisturized, it will lessen the chances of it splitting open.  If it does happen, it will hurt and probably burn.  There are treatments that help to heal the scab faster.  You can also put Vaseline or another type of petroleum jelly on it to keep it soft.

Actions That Should Be Avoided

The one thing you should definitely not do is to pick off a scab.  This was mentioned before, but it is very important.  If you start to pick it off, it will allow any pus that has not yet dried up to come out.  It can infect another part of your lip, or you may get it on your finger and spread it to someone else, or another part of your lip or face.

The scab can take a long time to heal if you pick at it.  It is the last stage of the sore, and it will only last a few days.  It will seem like forever, but as long as you don’t pick at it, it will only be there for a little while.

It will burn a lot, and will be painful.  If you do accidentally scratch it, you should immediately put something on it to soften it. Anything that will stop the pus from coming out, and softening the scab.

Finding a Good Cold Sore Scab Treatment

As you probably know, there are many different treatments for fever blisters.  From home remedies to over the counter products that come in gels, lip balms, ointments, and patches. Using one with essential oils in it is the best, because these oils work together to give you a powerful treatment that it able to soften and heal the scab fast.

Finding the Best cold sore scab treatment

Don’t Delay in Treating a Cold Sore

It’s best to use a treatment as soon as the sore first appears, which is a tingling sensation or small red lump on your lip.  If you treat it then, a sore won’t be able to develop.  You may want to have some on hand, just in case you get another one in the future.

There is a cream called Enzymatic Therapy cream that has an ingredient called Allatonin. This is very effective at relieving the pain associated with the scab, and it also keeps it soft so that it can heal quickly.

People that have sensitive skin have used this cream and it heals the sore without irritating their skin at all.  It is a very good product to use, no matter what stage the sore is in. Click on the link below to read the in-depth product review:

Be prepared & Minimize Discomfort

Going through all of the stages of a fever blister isn’t fun.  Some people only one or two in their lifetime.  Others aren’t so lucky, and they get multiple sores a year.  After your first sore, you will recognize the warning signs that one is about to happen, and you will be able to treat it then, and not have to go through the scabbing stage again.

There are a few very good treatments to get rid of a cold sore scab, and the ones that we have mentioned above are some of the best you can use.