Treatment for Cold Sores below the Lower Lip Line That Work Fast

Having a cold sore can be somewhat embarrassing, regardless of where it appears. Some people experience them on the upper lip, or even on the side of the mouth, which can be painful, as well as unsightly.

But, cold sores below the lower lip line can be frustrating, because they aren’t as ‘hidden’ by the lip. Some of the treatment options for cold sores don’t seem to work as well when below the lip line. Those specific remedies are made for the actual lips.

They can also become infected or irritated every time you talk, eat, etc. This can make it hard for them to heal quickly, since they are prone to ‘splitting’ open again.

Most cold sores will last 7-10 days, but if they become irritated or keep cracking open, they can last much longer, so using some kind of treatment instead of simply letting them heal on their own is always a better option.

There are still several treatments that can help you diminish the appearance, and get rid of the problem as quickly as possible. Let’s take a look at some possible solutions so you can start using right away.

The Most Effective Ways to Treat Cold Sores below the Lower Lip Line

  • Lemon Balm

There are several different types of balms you can use for treating cold sores – some are specifically made for the job, while others are simply a natural solution. One of those solutions is lemon balm, which can be applied both to your lips, and below the lip line, with little to no residue to ‘show’ it.

Its refreshing properties can help to reduce the overall time it takes for the cold sore to heal. If you’re looking to be even more discreet, you can use a compress of lemon balm tea, holding it to the cold sore for several minutes each night to feel the effects.

Lemon Balm for Cold Sores

  • Lysine

As one of the most popular remedies for cold sores, lysine works just about anywhere on or around the mouth, and the best part? It can be taken as a capsule, so no matter where you have your cold sore, taking a lysine capsule each day can help take care of it. It is an amino acid that fights back against the virus causing the outbreak, and can actually help to prevent outbreaks in the future.

  • Cold Compress Or Ice

One of the most inconvenient aspects of a cold sore is that it can often be quite painful, especially if it keeps cracking open. Putting a cold compress against your cold sore unfortunately won’t do anything as far as reducing the amount of time it takes to heal, but it can certainly help with the pain, and provide a soothing sort of relief to particularly pesky cold sores under the lower lip line.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is well-known for healing multiple skin conditions, and cold sores are no different. The best part about this healing plant is that it can really help against particularly severe cold sores (lesions), that continue to burst and crack. You can either use the gel straight from the plant itself, or apply a topical aloe vera gel to the area.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be used in a variety of different ways, but it’s a great solution for wiping out even the toughest, most inconvenient of cold sores. The peroxide will keep the blister exceptionally clean, making it nearly impossible for it to spread and cause even more pain and embarrassment.

It also helps to speed up the healing process by disinfecting the cold sore itself. While it may provide just the slightest bit of a sting, take comfort in knowing it’s doing it’s job! Just a bit of hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball, applied twice a day is a great way to send your cold sore away that much faster.

Preventative Measures

While any of the above treatment options can help to get rid of a cold sore below the lower lip line, you can start right away when it comes to preparing your body to fight back against your current, and potential future outbreaks. There are several lifestyle changes to consider when it comes to preventing cold sores.

First of all, diet can play an important part in how our body responds to certain viruses. Vitamin C, for example, can increase our white blood cell count, which is what helps us fight off viruses and other harmful illnesses from entering our bodies. Of course, you can take Vitamin C in capsule form, or you could just add more vitamin-rich foods to your diet, like spinach, red berries, and tomatoes.

Finding Cold Sores below the Lower Lip Line

Vitamin E is also an incredibly important when it comes to the prevention and fighting back of cold sores. Not only can it relieve discomfort, but it can help to eliminate or greatly reduce the appearance of potential scars. Again, Vitamin E is widely available in capsule form, but a few healthy additions to your diet, such as whole grains, and green leafy vegetables can give you a boost in your nutrition, and prevention.

Treating Cold Sores at Home

Having a cold sore below the lower lip line can feel inconvenient, and downright irritating and painful. We often want to draw attention away from it as much as possible. So, treatment options that leave a residue on the skin can end up being just as embarrassing. Most of the solutions listed above can either be done at home, or in a discreet fashion. Even while you’re healing your cold sore, no one will be focusing on it.

Remember that cold sores can show up anywhere around the mouth. Feel free to use these treatments whenever you’re experiencing a breakout, and you may just find it doesn’t feel as severe.