Cold Sores and Pregnancy – Safest Treatment Options

Cold sores and pregnancy don’t mix well. The good news is that there are many ways that you can alleviate the discomfort, and heal the sore, without having to worry unduly about the consequences. Some unusual things happen when you’re pregnant, including moods swings, the morning sickness, sore back, swollen feet, and fever blisters.

Fever blisters (another term for cold sores) often occur when you’re experiencing stress or hormonal changes.  Your body is under a lot of stress right now, because of the constant change that is happening to it.  There are many safe and natural ways to help it, and get rid of it faster.

First, of course, contact your Ob-Gyn.  They may prescribe a prescription medicine called Valtrex, which is safe.  They do prescribe it at the lowest dose, but there are other options that you may wish to explore.

They also recommend an OTC (over the counter) remedy called Abreva.  This has been approved by the FDA, and is also completely safe.  They would never suggest any treatment that they think would even remotely harm the fetus. Learn about Abreva Cold Sore Treatment in this review.

Cold Sore Treatment While You are Pregnant

Although you have to be careful about what goes into your body while you are pregnant, there are many OTC and home remedies that you can put on the blister. Or, if you are lucky enough to catch it before it erupts (when you feel the tingle or see the little red dot), you can stop it from becoming a full blown blister, and can stop it from spreading.

Cold sores when pregnant can be a little scary, as well as frustrating.  You know that you don’t want to suffer for up to two weeks with it, but are afraid to treat it.

You can use ice, to help take the swelling down.  It is also said that putting egg whites (raw) on the blister eases the pain, reduces swelling, and heals it faster.  It must be replaced every day.

Foods That Should Not be Eaten

These sores hurt.  Period.  They itch, burn, and sting.  When they develop and start to grow bigger, it can be more painful and frustrating.  There are some foods that you may want to avoid when you are suffering with this, to help ease the pain.

These foods include (but are not limited to, of course) sodium (salt), like on French fries, potato chips, etc., citrus fruits, sugar, tomatoes, and peppers, even green bell peppers.  These will all affect the sore, making it hurt worse.

When it goes away, of course you can start eating those foods again, with no problems at all.

Cold Sores and Pregnancy

Treating Cold Sores And Pregnancy

You already know that you have to be cautious.  When you are dealing with cold sores and pregnancy, what effect will taking the best cold sore treatment have on the fetus?

There are some products that are not recommended at all.  They may contain chemicals that may affect the baby.  Unfortunately, there has not been much research done on this, but you must read the ingredients list on all of the products that are available.

Look for all natural products, such as Lysine or tea tree oil, (you have to mix this oil with other essential oils) in the ingredients list. The  Super Lysine Plus Lip Clear Coldstick is an all-natural treatment that contains this oil, along with other essential oils, vitamins, and nutrients.  It contains no chemicals whatsoever, and works very fast at not only taking the pain away, but also stops the virus from becoming worse.

Avoid Bad Online Advice

There are so many natural ‘remedies’ online that it can make your head spin.  While some of these can help you (such as ice and boiling tea bags, and diluted tea tree oil), there are many others that you shouldn’t try, whether pregnant or not.

There are suggestions like using a 9 volt battery, or popping the blister and putting bleach on it.  There are also suggestions that popping the blister and putting fingernail polish remover will help.  First of all, as soon as you pop that blister (or group of blisters) you will allow the virus to spread.  That’s the absolute last thing that you want to happen.

Stay safe, and you can try to use the home remedies that seem that they can help you.  Just use your common sense.  If it seems like a bad thing to do, don’t try it.  It could make things so much worse, and you will be in much more pain.

Use Only Safe Cold Sore Treatments

Because cold sores during pregnancy can occur often, you really won’t have to suffer with them for one to two weeks at a time.  By using products that are all natural, or by using home remedies, you can be assured that no harm will come to the baby.

Most of the remedies are topical – that means that they only treat the sore itself.  But even though they are topical, they can go further into the skin, so that they can get into the healthy cells, which promotes faster healing.  Make sure that you talk to your Ob-Gyn to make sure that the ingredients are safe to take, before you use them.

The mix of cold sores and pregnancy can drive you crazy.  But when you know that there are different ways to get relief from the pain, and help them heal faster, there will be less stress to deal with.  Just be sure that you read the labels carefully, and you will be able to lessen the symptoms and healing time fast.