What to Do When a Cold Sore Keeps Splitting Open

If a cold sore keeps splitting open, it won’t heal properly. This can be a painful and a nuisance to all sufferers of cold sores. And unfortunately, this is especially common during the colder months of the year.

Cold sores will usually only be a problem intermittently – only becoming active after certain triggers. However, if they continue to split repeatedly, they will not disappear because they cannot heal.

In this article, you will find out why cold sores split and what you can do to stop it happening. If you want a doctor-recommended treatment that’s getting great results, take a look at HERP-B-GONE cream. We will also look at ways to prevent infection and stop recurring outbreaks when you suffer from cold sores.

Why a Cold Sore Keeps Splitting Open

The most common reason for a cold sore continually splitting open is due to cold weather. The cold air in the winter months can dry out the skin on the surface of the sore, causing it to split or crack. Unsurprisingly this can cause chronic pain and discomfort in all sufferers.

  • Fact: cold sores need to remain moist to heal fully and quickly.

Cold sores are found around the lips and edges of the mouth. This can make matters worse, as our mouths move every time we talk or even breathe. Every movement of the mouth can pull the cold sore in a different direction, causing more splitting.

This repeated damage to the cold sore can easily stop it from healing. Every time it gets close, a fresh split or crack can put you back to square one. This can become a vicious cycle and very unpleasant, but fortunately, there are ways to prevent it from happening.

What Is a Cold Sore?

Cold sores are a result of an infection by the herpes simplex virus. Cold sores around the mouth are caused by HSV-1, rather than HSV-2 which is associated with genital herpes. They usually appear as dry, red blisters that can be painful and cause embarrassment.

  • Fact: Once you catch the herpes simplex virus you will never lose it. But you won’t always have cold sores. They only appear when they have been activated and will not usually last more than 12 days.

Reasons for Cold Sores to Break Out

To effectively stop cold sores from repeatedly splitting, it helps to understand why they break out in the first place. Once you have caught the herpes simplex virus, you will never lose it, but you will only suffer from cold sores when they become activated.

This usually occurs when the immune system becomes damaged. Often this is the result of stress or chronic fatigue, both of which can stem from some different causes. These can include:

  • Chronic lack of sleep, either from insomnia or environmental factors. These include working overtime or looking after a young child.
  • Illnesses and fevers. Getting over a sickness places a huge strain on your immune system, so it can struggle to cope with the cold sore outbreak.
  • Hormonal changes, often resulting from pregnancy or the menstrual cycle. Both will also increase stress levels, which can equally affect your immune system.

Reducing these stressors in your life can help to prevent an outbreak of cold sores. However, once a cold sore has appeared, you will need to take other precautions to ensure it heals quickly.

Cold Sores are Contagious Until They Heal

When sold cores are active, they can be extremely contagious. This means they can easily spread among people. There are many ways for cold sores to spread between sufferers, not least including:

Kissing Your Loved Ones

This doesn’t just mean romantic kisses on the lips either – the same goes for a peck on the cheek with a family member. It’s believed that this is one of the main ways that cold sores are passed on to young children, due to visible displays of affection.

Sharing of Items

Sharing food, utensils, drinking straws or almost anything else that comes into contact with your face and lips. This also includes towels that you use to dry your face after a shower.

Touching Your Face

We all touch our faces hundreds of times a day. Doing this then touching other surfaces is an easy way to spread the herpes simplex virus to others without even realizing.

For it to be passed on, cold sore needs to be active and uncovered. This means that the scab has not yet fully formed over the site of the wound. Once the scab forms, the cold sore should be protected from being passed on.

However, if a cold sore continues to crack, it won’t heal and will remain contagious. You will, therefore, have more chance of passing on the herpes simplex virus to others. As a result, they will then develop a cold sore, and the cycle repeats itself.

Why Your Cold Sore Keeps Splitting Open

How to Stop a Cold Sore from Cracking

The best way to stop a cold sore from cracking is simply to keep it moist. The reason cold sores crack in cold and hot weather is that they dry up quickly. The skin is less malleable and splits under movement.

When the scab on the surface of the cold sore stays moist, it is less likely to split. This means the cold sore stays protected from the elements and further infection. Therefore it can heal properly.

There are several ways to keep a cold sore moist in cold weather. These can include:

  • Applying the best over-the-counter lip balm that you can find. Using this regularly will prevent cracking and protect the cold sore from external infection.
  • Applying a cold sore patch to the infected area. These are designed to be see-through, to not draw attention to the area and prevent embarrassment.
  • Use a cold sore cream. This keeps the area moist, relieving the hot, burning sensation.

All of these products will help to keep your cold sore moist and prevent it from splitting open, but we strongly recommend HERP-B-GONE cream. The scab will remain undamaged, and the sore itself will heal properly. This means you will be back to your normal, smiling self more quickly.

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