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Should I Drain the Pus (Fluid) from a Cold Sore with a Needle?

Should I Burst a cold sore with a needle?

Popping a cold sore with a needle is done to expedite the healing process, but it has many risks. You will be releasing a highly-infectious liquid (pus) that could quickly spread the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) to other areas of the face. It can also┬álead to infection or permanent scarring. It’s understandable that you want […]

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What’s the Difference between Angular Cheilitis and Cold Sores?

skin conditions that affect the corner of the mouth

Born from the herpes simplex virus, cold sores form in the area where initial viral transmission took place. Angular cheilitis, which is not a virus, is the result of a bacterial or fungal strain. Although both produce painful bumps and blisters, the two conditions are different. It is also known as angular stomatitis, cheilosis, and […]

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How to Tell the Difference between an Ingrown Hair and a Cold Sore

Two different skin conditions distinguished

If you are unfamiliar with the lifecycle of a cold sore, it can be confused with other skin conditions. The appearance of an ingrown hair (especially if it has somehow become infected) shares some visual similarities to the untrained eye. In fact, cold sores and ingrown hairs do have a few things in common. Both […]

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Can Hormonal Changes Cause Cold Sores?

Can changing hormones cause fever blisters?

Changes in hormones can lead to a variety of health and skin issues. Although most problems are relatively minor, a hormonal imbalance can cause cold sores to form on the lips and around the mouth if the virus is already in your system. Emotions and moods can activate the herpes virus. How you are feeling […]

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Is It Possible to Get Cold Sores without Blisters?

My cold sores aren't blistering

When you have cold sores, you’ll develop fluid-filled blisters beneath the skin’s surface. It is the blister that contains the contagious herpes virus. It is true that FDA-approved creams and the latest medical devices can heal cold sores faster. But, there is no getting around the fact that blistering is a part of the lifecycle […]

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