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Can You Get Cold Sores from Dental Work?

Is there a risk of getting Cold Sores from Dental Work?

Cold sores, or fever blisters, are a result of HSV-1 (herpes simplex virus) living inside you. They flare up for many different reasons. They can be caused by everything from stress, to hot weather. But, is it possible to get cold sores from getting dental work done? We tend to think of the dentist as a […]

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What’s the Best Over the Counter Cold Sore Medicine?

Best Over the Counter Cold Sore Medicine

Cold sores are painful and unsightly. While they will go away on their own, most of us seek out the best over-the-counter cold sore medicine. This will help in getting rid of a cold sore fast, and with much less pain. When you can recognize the symptoms, you can start a treatment plan right away. Some over-the-counter (OTC) meds work really […]

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Should I Tell My Boyfriend or Girlfriend That I Get Cold Sores?

Getting a cold sore can be embarrassing. If you’re prone to them, you probably can’t keep it a secret. They are not subtle, and can turn pretty unsightly in just a few days. But, the symptoms will usually be experienced before any appearance of a blister shows up. If you only get cold sores once in […]

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Can I Get Cold Sores from Sharing Drinks, Cigarettes, & Utensils?

Cold Sores from Sharing Drinks

Most people know that cold sores are contagious. If you see someone with an open fever blister, you should avoid coming in direct contact with it. Of course, that includes things like touching, kissing, toothbrushes, lipsticks, food etc. But we don’t often think about the risks of getting cold sores from sharing drinks, cigarettes, and […]

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The Safe Treatment of Cold Sores and Mouth Ulcers in Early Pregnancy

Cold Sores and Mouth Ulcers in Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy can come with a variety of unpleasant symptoms. Some women experience morning sickness or soreness, for example. Cold sores and mouth ulcers in early pregnancy are also common occurrences. Cold sores often occur because of stress. However, a flare-up can be caused by hormonal fluctuations and fatigue. During a pregnancy, you’re essentially going through all […]

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