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What’s the Best Over the Counter Cold Sore Medicine?

Best Over the Counter Cold Sore Medicine

Cold sores are painful and unsightly. While they will go away on their own, most of us seek out the best over-the-counter cold sore medicine. This will help in getting rid of a cold sore fast, and with much less pain. When you can recognize the symptoms, you can start a treatment plan right away. Some over-the-counter (OTC) meds work well. […]

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Is Drinking Coffee Good or Bad for Cold Sores?

How do high caffeine drinks affect fever blisters?

Coffee is the drink of choice for millions of American’s. Often, people who are prone to cold sores are concerned that caffeine ‘may’ be what’s actually triggering the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). If you do regularly get recurrent cold sores, the last thing that you should do is consume a caffeinated drink that could be […]

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Why Do High Arginine Foods Cause Cold Sore Breakouts?

What foods aggravate cold sores?

Understanding the connection between cold sores and amino acids is critically important. Arginine is a part of the diet that experts believe can activate herpes simplex one. A few days later, this results in the appearance of ugly skin lesions that cause so much pain and embarrassment. Arginine does play a significant role in the […]

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Does the Vegan Diet Cause Cold Sore Outbreaks?

Does arginine trigger cold sores?

The vegan diet can be a cold sore trigger. Due to an amino acid called arginine, the food staples of vegans can awaken the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) and also prevent active blisters from healing as quickly. When non-vegans carry HSV-1, it’s necessary to make specific dietary adjustments. Consuming foods that are high in lysine, […]

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Do You Have a Cold Sore or Pimple on the Lip Line?

Do cold sores have pus in them?

You’ve noticed a small bump on your lip line or near the mouth. Your first instinct is to seek a way to remove the problem as quickly as possible. But, first, you need to find out what’s wrong with your skin. Telling the difference between cold sores and pimples is easy due to the visual […]

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