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Can Ice Stop a Cold Sore from Forming?

Using ice to reduce cold sore pain

While most everyone is searching for a quick fix when it comes to cold sore healing, ice could disappoint you. Although ice can definitely provide symptom relief, actual blister healing is unlikely. Cold sores, caused by HSV-1, require a proven treatment. While ice can help with a plethora of medical issues, a virus is not […]

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Can I Use Bactine to Treat Cold Sores?

Should I Put Bactine on Cold Sores?

While Bactine is synonymous with treating cuts and abrasions, some people also use it to sterilize and heal cold sores. This is due to a potent active ingredient found in a cold sore treatment that’s no longer available over the counter. Complete with benzalkonium chloride and lidocaine, it seems to be developing somewhat of a […]

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What’s the Best Thing to Put on an Open Cold Sore?

What to Put on an Open Cold Sore on the Lip

An open cold sore is highly infectious and can be really painful. Not surprisingly, you want to know how to get rid of a fever blister fast. Treating an active cold sore with an OTC medication is advised. While some natural remedies can also help, such as tea tree oil, over-the-counter treatments are tried-and-tested, and they […]

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Why Have I Had Cold Sores for More Than a Month?

Why won't my cold sore go away?

Having a cold sore can be a source of discomfort and embarrassment. However, having a blister that will not heal quickly, perhaps for as long as 2 months, can be a source of enormous frustration. Caused by a host of triggers, some fever blisters can definitely overstay their welcome. While some reasons can be simplistic, […]

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Can Shaving Near the Lip Cause Cold Sores?

Can a shave trigger cold sores?

Shaving can cause cold sores due to the potential for lip and mouth trauma. The odds of a cold sore on the lip will inevitably increase if you cut your mouth with your shaving blade. While having a shave can be a difficult task, especially for young people, the issue can be made worse if […]

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