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What’s the Best Cold Sore Yellow Scab Treatment?

Getting rid of a cold sore scab faster

Cold sores don’t look nice, especially when those nasty-looking scabs form. That’s why you need to use the best cold sore yellow scab treatment or find a way of hiding cold sores so that they’re hardly visible. The good news is that you do have many options. Fever blisters start off as small skin lesions, filled with a […]

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What’s the Best Over the Counter Cold Sore Medicine?

Best Over the Counter Cold Sore Medicine

Cold sores are painful and unsightly. While they will go away on their own, most of us seek out the best over-the-counter cold sore medicine. This will help in getting rid of a cold sore fast, and with much less pain. When you can recognize the symptoms, you can start a treatment plan right away. Some over-the-counter (OTC) meds work well. […]

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What’s the Best Thing to Put on an Open Cold Sore?

What to Put on an Open Cold Sore on the Lip

An open cold sore is highly infectious and can be really painful. Not surprisingly, you want to know how to get rid of a fever blister fast. Treating an active cold sore with an OTC medication is advised. While some natural remedies can also help, such as tea tree oil, over-the-counter treatments are tried-and-tested, and they […]

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Will Cortisone Injections Reduce Cold Sore Pain & Swelling?

Will Cortisone relieve cold sore pain?

Diluted cortisone (Corticosteroids) can provide fast-acting relief from localized pain, redness, and inflammation. You will ease levels of discomfort because you are reducing the inflammation. Remember that corticosteroids cannot be used alone, but in combination with antiviral remedy.[1] A medical professional will administer a cortisone injection into a cold sore. This will reduce the amount […]

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How to Stop a Cold Sore Throbbing Pain

How to stop cold sore pain fast

The discomfort that arises from a severe cold sore outbreak can be too much to handle. Fortunately, there are ways to numb the pain, reduce the throbbing sensations, and heal significantly faster. We’re going to look at the things you can do (at home) that will make a significant difference. You need to be proactive […]

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