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How to Hide a Cold Sore Blister

How to Cover up a Cold Sore Blister on the Lip, Cheek, and Nose

Fever blisters always seem to appear at the worst times. That’s why you need your cold sore gone now or the perfect cover-up!

Perhaps life has been stressful, you’ve been sick, spent too long in the sun, have undergone dental surgery, or you’ve been sleeping poorly? Each of these factors will run down your immune system, so you’re less able to fight off the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1).

  • Pro Tip: The good news is that you CAN get rid of cold sores fast. In fact, the healing time of your cold sores can be reduced to just 3 days with the Virulite cold sore machine. For the fastest results, this FDA-approved treatment should be applied at the first sign of tingling on the lip (during the prodrome stage).

During the shorter recovery time, you will also want to know how to cover up a cold sore. You don’t need to risk getting an infection to hide a cold sore from the staring glances of strangers and work colleagues. You can now conceal cold sores and treat them with a medicated patch.

If you want a patch that will heal and cover a cold sore, we recommend the Compeed Invisible Cold Sore Patch. It’s a medicated treatment that invisibly hides cold sores.

In this guide, we will provide tips on how to cover up a cold sore blister (or scab). It’s no longer necessary to put your life on hold while recovering behind closed doors. So, let’s explore your options.

Best Over-the-Counter Cold Sore Patches (Review)

The cold sore treatment market is as broad as it has ever been due to advancements in both medicine and technology. One of these improvements is patches to hide cold sore blisters and scabs.

Serving to hide the unattractive visual and providing medicated treatment, patches are useful for covering your cold sore while avoiding messy creams. Invisible medicated patches are strong, often waterproof, and can act as a buffer between your skin and the harsh elements.

Let’s explore the most popular OTC patches on the market today.

Compeed Cold Sore Patch

FDA-approved, the Compeed Invisible Cold Sore Patch is the original healing patch. Made with Hydrocolloid-075 technology, Compeed’s active gel serves as a second skin. Effectively sealing the sore, one patch can offer up to 10 hours of active protection.

Acting as a virus shield, the Compeed patch will not only help to heal the site of the cold sore but also reduce the risk of contamination and viral spreading. The Compeed brand can heal your cold sores almost as fast as acyclovir 5% cream, which is a popular antiviral medication.

The Compeed Invisible Cold Sore Patch can be used at any stage by men and women. In other words, if your cold sore is in the latter stages of development, it’s a quick way of concealing the ugly visual symptoms. It’ll also absorb any of the liquid and pus that is released.

Quantum Health Lip Clear Invisible Cold Sore Bandage

Setting it apart from other cold sore patches, the Quantum invisible patch can be used in conjunction with lip gloss or makeup.

Easy to use and designed to protect your active sore from irritants, you can blend the patch with your natural lip color. This can be useful if you’re a female in the workplace, for example.

Using hydrocolloid technology, which secures natural moisture for healing and enhanced comfort, the Lip Clear bandage also reduces the likelihood of viral transmission.

  • Tip: The Quantum Lip Clear bandage, unlike other products of its kind, can support the use of a healing ointment. By applying HERP-B-GONE cream to your blister before covering it with a Lip Clear bandage, you may be able to enjoy even faster pain relief and healing results.

Cold Sore Patches FAQ

Why Are Cold Sore Patches Good for Men?

Noted below are some reasons why patches could be the smart choice for men:

  • Easy to apply – Stick it on to dry skin and get on with your day.
  • There’s no mess as it’s a medicated treatment without any hassle.
  • Designed for people who lead an active lifestyle.
  • Simple concealer that does not involve applying any makeup.

If you have facial hair, it’s important to trim it so a patch can be sufficiently secured and sealed to your blister. If a blister has developed on the fringe of your top lip, you should shave your mustache in order receive the full benefits of a medicated patch.

How Long Can You Leave a Patch On a Cold Sore?

You can use a patch for 8-10 hours before it will detach itself. For best results, you should cover your sore 24 hours per day until complete healing is achieved. This means you will likely use up to 2-3 patches per day.

There’s no need to remove your patch prematurely. Applying and reapplying the same patch will lengthen the healing process. Allowing your sore to breathe can do more harm than good. Keeping your sore covered at all times has been clinically proven to achieve the best results.

Can I Put a Medicated Cream Under My Patch?

Cold sore patches have an adhesive that attaches to your skin. Applying a medicated cream compromises “most” patches and renders them useless.

Blister patches act as a second skin. Any type of moisture (cream or otherwise) between your skin and the underside of the patch is troublesome.

Applying a treatment cream is not necessary. The vast majority of patches are medicated by design, therefore supplying all of the medication that you need. Keeping your patch tight and sealed to your lip will help to accelerate the healing process.

  • Tip: Use a cream or patch. Don’t use both simultaneously unless the patch (brand) notes the ability to support a medicated ointment.

Are All Cold Sore Patches Waterproof?

Not all patches are waterproof, but some are strong enough to sustain the water flow of a shower. Because an average patch contains enough treatment to endure 8-10 hours, the material is sticky by design. Therefore a shower setting, waterproof by description or not, should not damage a patch.

However, for healing purposes, you may wish to make sure that your showering coincides with when you change your medicated patches. To avoid wasting a patch, it would be wise to take a shower during a transitional stage between patches.

If swimming is your concern, it is recommended that you only use a waterproof patch. Check labels and instructions carefully if you’re uncertain. Your primary care physician can also offer quality patch suggestions based on your choice of lifestyle.

  • Tip: Non-waterproof patches are strong and sealed enough to sustain a shower. Waterproof patches are only “necessary” for activities where you could be submerged under water. Examples include swimming, water park activities, etc.

Are There Any Risks and Side Effects?

Cold sore patches are deemed safe and rarely have any adverse side effects. Unless you have extremely sensitive skin or an allergic reaction to the adhesive(s), you should experience no medical issues.

Similar to a tape burn, some people may encounter minor redness once a patch is removed, but that should vanish within a few minutes.

If you develop a severe rash, experience itching, and prolonged swelling in and around the patched area, you are encouraged to seek medical attention ASAP. This could be a sign of an allergic reaction or complications resulting from an infected cold sore blister.

Is Kissing Safe When Wearing a Cold Sore Patch?

Kissing, most notably mouth-to-mouth kissing, should always be avoided during a cold sore outbreak. While a cold sore patch can cover an active blister, there is no reason to risk viral transfer.

Because there’s no cure for HSV-1, you should always adhere to the “better safe than sorry” approach to cold sores. The last thing you want to do is infect your partner with a virus that will affect them for the remainder of their life.

lip clear cold sore bandage for guys

The use of a cold sore patch is for the treatment and healing. Let the patch remind you of your outbreak and take a responsible approach.

An estimated 50-80% of the United States population carries HSV-1. Acts such as kissing are likely to play a moderate role in that statistic.

Can I Eat and Drink While Wearing a Cold Sore Patch?

As long as your patch is sealed and secure, you can eat and drink. While you should make it a point to avoid direct contact, your patch will be able to shield an active blister from debris that touches the lips, mouth, nose, cheeks, etc.

Apply a new patch after a meal if your patch has been compromised by the movements of your mouth or food particles.

Can You Cover a Cold Sore with a Band-Aid?

Although a Band-Aid will provide no medicated/healing assistance, it can be used as a buffer against harsh elements and accidental touching. If used in a limited way, a Band-Aid can also lock in moisture and prevent cracking during the scabbing stage.

  • Important: Bandages that aren’t designed for cold sores can be troublesome when applied to sensitive skin. If you apply a clear Band-Aid strip to your blister, it is imperative to avoid applying the adhesive tape directly to your cold sore. Allow the protective pad to rest on your blister.

Can You Cover a Fever Blister with a Liquid Bandage?

Although cold sore patches and OTC creams will provide faster healing, it is safe to apply a liquid bandage to an active blister or scab. Providing an antiseptic seal, a liquid bandage can allow the area to breathe while securing the sore within a sterilized cover.

  • Tip: Do not apply a liquid bandage during the ulceration stage. This can cause intense pain and disrupt the natural healing process. A liquid bandage should be used if a medicated cold sore patch is not available.

how to hide a cold sore without makeup

How to Cover up a Cold Sore on the Lip with Makeup

If you have a scab on a cold sore, you ‘may’ be able to cover it with makeup. The process is fairly simple, but there are some pitfalls that you must avoid if you want this method to work for you.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Choose a liquid concealer (preferably medicated) that best matches your skin color.
  • Coat a Q-tip, cotton swab or small disposable brush with the liquid concealer. Dab it onto the skin, gradually blending it in. Don’t apply too much pressure or you’ll disturb the scab/sore. Never use the same ‘tool’ twice or you could re-contaminate or spread the virus.
  • Find a lipstick color that matches the sore. It shouldn’t be the same color as your lips. You should also use a liquid-based lipstick, so you don’t break the scab. As with the concealer, apply it with a Q-tip or disposable brush, not with the lipstick itself.
  • Apply the lipstick to your lips, making sure that you don’t touch the sore itself.

We don’t recommend using makeup as a cold sore cover up, especially if it’s still at the blister or ulceration stage.

It can also be difficult to apply makeup to a scab in practice because the skin is uneven, so it doesn’t look right. There’s also a risk of getting an infection and spreading the virus to other areas of the face, mouth, and eyes.

Because cold sores are contagious, it is important to wash your hands before removing a patch, after removal, and before applying a new concealer. This will ensure that your fingers/hands are always clean and free of any contaminants. Hygiene is even more critical if you have an oozing blister. There is a significant likelihood that the underside of your patch contains pus or even blood.

Best Cover Ups and Patches for Cold Sores

Bestseller No. 1
Smart Cold Sore Treatment Patch Help Prevent Breakouts, Soothe Itching and Burning | Discrete, Invisible, Skin Safe Adhesive [24 Patches]
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Smart Cold Sore Treatment Patch Help Prevent Breakouts, Soothe Itching and Burning | Discrete, Invisible, Skin Safe Adhesive [24 Patches]
  • Hide Cold Sores - Each compress drug-free cold sore patch can help hide blisters with ultra-thin, skin-safe hydrocolloid.
  • Cover ruptured blisters or irritated skin with our cold sore patches..
  • Invisible Adhesive Patch – Thin, flexible, and see-through, we offer superior cold sore relief and prevention with discrete, easy-to-apply patches.
  • Soothe Painful Itching – Our hydrocolloid-infused bandage can help relieve itching and burning while helping to prevent scab formation.
  • Money-Back Guarantee - Every order comes with individual adhesive cold sore patches to provide you with extended coverage and protection you can trust.
Bestseller No. 2
Pro Se Lipsanna 100% Natural Treatment for Cold Sores/Fever Blisters/Canker Sores
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Pro Se Lipsanna 100% Natural Treatment for Cold Sores/Fever Blisters/Canker Sores
  • Treats cold sores caused by the Herpes Simplex-1 Virus.
  • Unlike salves and creams, Lipsanna won't make cold sores more obvious.
  • Treatment begins immediately with chewable tablets.
  • Treats sores inside the mouth too, unlike topical treatments.
  • Buy now and be ready for your next cold sore outbreak. Multi-use blister packs.
Bestseller No. 3
Mighty Patch Original - Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patch Spot Treatment (36 count) for Face, Vegan, Cruelty-Free…
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Mighty Patch Original - Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patch Spot Treatment (36 count) for Face, Vegan, Cruelty-Free…
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  • Shrinks Zits In 6 Hours-- With 50% more gunk-absorbing power than other brands, our pure medical-grade hydrocolloid effortlessly pulls the pus out of whiteheads and speeds up healing.
  • All-Night Adhesion-- Strong enough to stay on through a whole night of tossing, turning, and pillow-squishing. Easy to remove in the AM with zero redness or irritation.
  • Blends Seamlessly Into Skin-- Ultra-thin sticker with a translucent matte finish that keeps your pimple under wraps day or night. So comfortable, you’ll forget it’s even there.
  • Peace-of-Mind Design-- Our hydrocolloid acne patches are UV sterilized, non-toxic, and totally skin-safe. Each box comes with 36 or 72 medium dots (12 millimeters) on easy-peel perforated sheets.

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