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Basic Organics Lysine Lip Ointment Review

Basic Organics Lysine Lip Ointment

Got a cold sore? We feel for you. Really, we do. Those awful blisters, the stinging, the burning… we don’t envy you one bit. There’s no doubt that this condition is arguably one of the most annoying and embarrassing infections around. Sure, there are much worse diseases to have, but cold sores are terrible nonetheless. […]

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Abreva Cold Sore Treatment Review

Abreva Review

Cold sores are regularly referred to as a sexual disease because the infection is related to herpes, but this is rarely the case. Despite the condition being considered rather taboo, it’s surprisingly common. Most adults will have at least one occurrence during their lifetime. Plus, the infection can be caught in many different ways. So, don’t let others make you […]

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