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Why Eczema Can Cause Your Cold Sores to Get MUCH Worse

Eczema Herpeticum

Eczema and cold sores are conditions that are usually independent of each other. The bad news is that they can combine to cause eczema herpeticum. While eczema is a painful and at times debilitating skin condition, you can treat it. Due in part to moisturizing and hydrating skin creams, minor cases can be controlled. If […]

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Can You Catch Cold Sores from Bedding and Pillows?

How long can HSV-1 survive on surfaces?

While the idea of contracting HSV-1 can be quite scary to some, direct (and intimate) human contact is the most likely method of transmission. This means that developing the virus through coming into contact with bedding and pillows is unlikely. Although the odds of transmission are not zero, it is important to note that HSV-1 […]

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Will Taking a Sauna Make a Cold Sore Worse?

Will a sauna trigger cold sores?

While most everyone enjoys a relaxing sauna session, there are some negative consequences. This is, unfortunately, the case if you have an active cold sore, or if you already have HSV-1 in your system. If you’ve had cold sores in the past, it’s ‘likely’ that you’ll get them again. The sauna could cause an outbreak, […]

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Can Shaving Near the Lip Cause Cold Sores?

Can a shave trigger cold sores?

Shaving can cause cold sores due to the potential for lip and mouth trauma. The odds of a cold sore on the lip will inevitably increase if you cut your mouth with your shaving blade. While having a shave can be a difficult task, especially for young people, the issue can be made worse if […]

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Can a Change in Birth Control Cause Cold Sores?

Birth control and cold sores

Changes in birth control pills can trigger a cold sore outbreak. Creating drastic hormonal swings, contraception causes the body to become overwhelmed. Because birth control has many of the same side effects as pregnancy, the female body enters a state of flux. As it relates to the herpes simplex virus, the mouth is a known […]

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