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Herpecin-L Lip Balm Stick Review

Herpecin-L Lip Balm Stick

Cold sores are a form of oral herpes caused by a strain of the herpes virus known as HSV-1. Some people get the virus as a child while others don’t experience it until their later adulthood years. The virus is transmitted in a number of different ways including the exchange of saliva (kissing), sharing a drink […]

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Desert Essence Lip Rescue Review

Desert Essence Lip Rescue

Whether you occasionally get cold sores or just have dry lips from time to time, dealing with the cracks and crusting can be both annoying and painful. With cold sores your lips tend to dry out quite a bit causing cracking, crusting, and other awful nuisances. With dry lips the symptoms are similar, but not […]

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Super Lysine Plus Lip Clear Coldstick Review

Super Lysine Plus Lip Clear Coldstick

Cold sores, a viral infection that can be transmitted via something as simple as kissing, are a painful, and embarrassing condition. Believe it or not, though, nearly every person will develop these sores at some point in their lives. Even more surprising is the fact that more than 40% of adults actually have recurring bouts of […]

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Cold Sore BeGone Review

Cold Sore BeGone review

If you get cold sore symptoms from time to time, you’ll already know how excruciatingly painful and embarrassing they can be. They cause pain, burning, itching, and give you an awful appearance. It’s a truly nasty infection and, worst of all, it’s not easy to get rid of. Taking a trip to the doctor often results […]

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