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Cold Sore Chapsticks & Lip Balms

What Is the Best Chapstick for Cold Sores?

You might use different types of chapstick throughout the year to keep your lips moist and prevent cracking during dry, cold weather. But, did you know that certain types of chapstick can be beneficial when it comes to treating cold sores?

Cold sore blisters go through stages. While it’s always best to start treatment at the first sign of a blister, that’s not always possible for some people. Unfortunately, that can lead to more pain, irritation, and embarrassment as the stages continue. One of the most unsightly stages and the most painful is the scabbing period of a cold sore. This is a good sign, showing that the blister is healing, but it’s not always fun to live through.

When a blister starts to scab over, it can become extremely itchy and sore. It is also prone to cracking if it gets too dry. If it does crack, you may be at risk for a bacterial infection, and it will likely take longer for the cold sore to fully heal.

Chapstick can help to prevent the scab from cracking open because it adds moisture and helps to seal it in. However, not all types of chapstick are equal when it comes to healing and soothing the symptoms of a blister.

Top 3 Chapsticks for Cold Sores

This article will cover three of the best chapstick brands for cold sores. These are as follows:

  1. Herpecin-L Lip Balm
  2. Desert Essence Lip Rescue
  3. Super Lysine Plus Lip Clear

Not only do these balms help to lock in moisture and keep the blister protected, but they are also formulated to help with symptoms and speed up the healing process.

There are many different treatment options available for fever blisters. However, using a chapstick to treat the affected area is extremely convenient, because you can take it with you wherever you go. This allows you to start using it at the first sign of a cold sore (tingling, itching around the mouth), and continue using it throughout the rest of the stages until the blister has completely healed.

1. Herpecin-L Lip Balm Stick

This is designed to be both a preventative measure for cold sores and a healing balm to soothe symptoms like itching and burning. Its key ingredient is dimethicone. Dimethicone protects the lips from outside elements, such as exposure to harsh sunlight (another cold sore trigger). It also works as a healing agent to speed up recovery.

The other active ingredients in Herpecin-L are:

  • Meradimate
  • Octinoxate
  • Octisalate
  • Oxybenzone

Most of these ingredients are designed to work as sun protecting agents. The dimethicone will help to heal the skin affected by the virus.

The best part Herpecin-L Lip Balm is that it starts working the moment you apply it. While it will work best if you use it early on, you can apply it at any stage and start feeling relief. It is recommended that you apply it as needed to keep the affected area hydrated. However, it’s especially important to put it on at least fifteen minutes before you go out into the sun, to protect yourself from any further damage.

Herpecin-L is recommended by pharmacists to help treat the symptoms of cold sores. It starts penetrating the skin immediately, allowing the medication within the balm to get to work and heal your blister quickly. Because it also works as a type of sunscreen, you can use it daily, even if you don’t have a fever blister. Just be sure to use a new tube after you’ve used it on a previous cold sore, so you don’t contaminate the balm.

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2. Desert Essence Lip Rescue

Many people have started to turn to more natural solutions for things like cold sores. The purer the ingredients are, the less likely it is for someone to experience negative side effects from chemicals. Desert Essence Lip Rescue is a great product that focuses mostly on natural ingredients to be effective. It is also a cruelty-free, vegan product.

The ingredients in this chapstick include:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Beeswax
  • Candelilla wax
  • Ozokerite
  • Carnauba
  • Aloe vera
  • Jojoba oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Propyl gallate

Tea tree oil is a powerful healing ingredient in Desert Essence’s formula. It works as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic agent to promote healing. Combined with soothing ingredients like aloe vera and jojoba oil, and the restorative power of Vitamin E, this formula is extremely potent while being gentle and safe to use.

Its safety is one of its biggest positives. Because it contains mostly natural ingredients, side effects are rare. Knowing the full ingredient list makes it easier to determine if you might have any allergies to the product. If not, you shouldn’t experience any dangerous side effects from using it.

You can use Desert Essence as a moisturizing preventative, or as a cold sore treatment on its own. Not only does it work to moisturize a scabbing, crusting cold sore, but it can keep your lips moist and fully hydrated all the time. Cracking, dry lips can be painful. Keeping a tube of this treatment with you will help with fever blisters, and improve the overall health and hydration of your lips and the skin around your mouth.

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3. Super Lysine Plus

Lysine is a common ingredient used for treating cold sores. It is an amino acid that can either be taken orally, found in topical solutions, or found in foods like cheese, yogurt, and fish. The body doesn’t produce L-lysine naturally, so it has to be introduced into the system in other ways.

While its effectiveness gets mixed reviews, many people swear by it as one of the best ways to treat cold sores, due to its antiviral properties. It also helps to keep the herpes simplex virus from spreading. If it has nothing to thrive on, it will die out faster, and your cold sore will heal quicker.

Super Lysine Plus obviously features this key ingredient, along with things like:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Beeswax
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Bee propolis extract

There are no harmful chemicals or preservatives in the Super Lysine Plus Lip Balm, making it safe to use, and extremely effective even as a preventative option. It’s not only the lysine that helps to reduce the healing time of a cold sore.

Ingredients like tea tree oil and bee propolis extract are often used as natural fever blister remedies on their own. Propolis has strong antiviral properties, so it will work to block the herpes simplex virus from spreading and thriving at any stage.

Other ingredients like jojoba oil and Vitamin E will help to promote healing while providing soothing relief from symptoms such as itching and burning.

Again, this is a product that can be used all the time, not just when you have a cold sore. If you apply it daily (especially before going out in the sun), you may be able to reduce the severity and frequency of cold sore outbreaks.

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Best Chapstick for Cold Sores

Why Use Lip Balms for Cold Sores

Because so many people have the herpes simplex virus, and cold sores are extremely contagious, there is no shortage of viable treatment options. Whether you want an over-the-counter solution, or you’re looking for a natural treatment, there are many ways to help get rid of cold sores.

So, with so many options, why choose a chapstick or lip balm? There are many benefits to utilizing the balms listed here, including:

  1. Chapsticks are affordable. Some over-the-counter cold sore treatments can be pricey. If you’re prone to flare-ups, being able to afford them every time can start to add up. Most lip balms are only a few dollars, and last a long time, boosting their overall value.
  2. They are portable. The best way to treat a cold sore is to start using an effective solution at the first sign of symptoms. Carrying around messy creams and other topical ointments aren’t always practical. A chapstick is small and compact and can be carried in a purse, suitcase, etc., so you can find relief whenever you need it.
  3. You have more options. There are more traditional formulas, as well as naturally-based formulas, depending on your specific needs and preferences. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, you can take comfort using a natural formula that still is powerful enough to wipe out unsightly cold sores.
  4. Preventative measure. While the chapstick options listed in this article can be used to help fight back against cold sores at any time, almost any chapstick with moisturizing benefits can keep your lips healthy and hydrated. This is important when you’re in the scabbing stage of a cold sore, but it’s equally important for the overall health of your mouth. Dry, cracking lips become exposed to viruses and bacteria.

Are Chapsticks Good for Treating Cold Sores?

When the right ingredients are used, chapstick can be just as effective as any other cold sore treatments. Plus, you get the added benefits of affordability and portability. It’s never a bad idea to keep one of the balms listed in this article on hand. Even if you’re not currently dealing with a cold sore, they can be used preventatively and can help to keep your lips moisturized and healthy.

If you experience frequent flare-ups, having Herpecin-L Lip Balm on hand can help to ease symptoms quickly, especially if you use it in the early stages of a blister. Instead of having to deal with creams or other topical solutions, choose a lip balm that can be applied directly to your cold sore, and start to penetrate and heal the skin right away.

Top-Rated Balms and ChapSticks for Cold Sores

Bestseller No. 1
Desert Essence Lip Rescue Therapeutic with Tea Tree Oil - 0.15 Oz - Pack of 4 - Antiseptic Balm - for Cracked Lips, Cold Sores - for Softer, Smoother Lips - Unscented - Vitamin E - Aloe Vera
287 Reviews
Desert Essence Lip Rescue Therapeutic with Tea Tree Oil - 0.15 Oz - Pack of 4 - Antiseptic Balm - for Cracked Lips, Cold Sores - for Softer, Smoother Lips - Unscented - Vitamin E - Aloe Vera
  • ANTISEPTIC ACTION - Therapeutic lip balm contains eco harvest tea tree oil that is known for its antiseptic nature and helps in relieving cracked lips and cold sores.
  • FOR SOFTER LIPS - Lip moisturizer thoroughly hydrates your chapped lips by softening the cell tissues, making them shiner and smoother.
  • UNSCENTED - Cruelty-free lip balm leaves your lips with no fragrance so that you can flaunt them naturally without letting others know.
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION - Fights effects of extreme weather conditions and environmental pollutants, leaving your lips soft.
  • SAFE APPLICATION - This lip balm by desert essence does not contain ingredients derived from animals. It is also free of gluten and soy and is biodegradable.
Bestseller No. 2
DocoShield Cold Sore Prevention Lip Balm w/ Docosanol (3-Pack)
1,820 Reviews
DocoShield Cold Sore Prevention Lip Balm w/ Docosanol (3-Pack)
  • Like Abreva, the active ingredient in DocoShield is docosanol, an antiviral agent clinically proven to reduce the duration of cold sores caused by the herpes simplex virus. Docosanol acts by preventing healthy cells from being infected by the virus, effectively stopping the virus from replicating and spreading.
  • However, the balm is also formulated with moisturizing ingredients such as jojoba oil, to ensure your lips stay clear and moisturized.
  • Used regularly, this lip balm can prevent cold sore outbreaks.
  • The first regular use lip balm with Docosanol, with over five years of success eliminating cold sore outbreaks, and keeping lips well moisturized
  • If you're unsatisfied in any way, just let us know and we'll refund your order!
Bestseller No. 3
Abreva (Single 2g Tube) Cold Sore Healing Cream + Chapstick Moisturizer (1 Stick) Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm Lip Care Package
201 Reviews
Abreva (Single 2g Tube) Cold Sore Healing Cream + Chapstick Moisturizer (1 Stick) Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm Lip Care Package
  • 2 GREAT products in 1 value Pack!
  • Abreva: nothing heals cold sore faster than Abreva.(1) Abreva can get rid of cold sores in 21/2 days(1) when used at the First Sign
  • Abreva: Abreva contains Docosanol, the only nonprescription ingredient proven to shorten healing time(1)
  • Chap Stick chapstick's formula delivers up to 8 hours of hydration and provides SPF 15 sun protection
  • Chap Stick: Chap Stick moisturizing lip Balm hydrates and softens lips

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