Do You Get Cold Sores on the Chin? Can They Be Hidden or Treated?

Although most often, cold sores appear on the lips, they also appear on other parts of the face. It’s not that unusual to find them on the cheekunder the nose, and around the chin. The good news is that cold sores on the chin can be treated relatively easily.

When you get a cold sore on the face, you can be forgiven for assuming that it’s a pimple. Both cold sores and pimples start off as a small red bump, and can hurt when they first start. The main difference is the tingling or burning sensation that’s associated with a cold sore flare up. You’ll quickly learn to tell the difference between the two.

In this article, we’ll discuss what you can do when you get a cold sore on the chin. We’ll tell you what to look for in the early stages, so it will be easier for you to diagnose.  We will also talk about the best cold sore treatments, ones that will work quickly to get results.

How to Hide a Cold Sore on Chin

They will quickly turn into a blister, or a clump of small blisters. After that, it will dry up and form a scab. The entire life cycle of a fever blister is typically 10 – 14 days. This estimation is from when it first appears, to when the scab eventually falls off.

Can You Get Cold Sores on the Chin

Many people, especially women, try to cover up cold sores with make-up.  This is one of the worst things that you can do, for a variety of reasons.  First, the cold sore needs air in order to heal.  The make-up will stop air from getting to it, so it will take longer to go away.  Besides that, the make-up will cake up. It will actually look worse than if you’d have done nothing at all.

Coveraid Therapeutic Cold Sore Concealer

Instead, there are medicated pads that you can put over cold sores. Using a pad will not only hide the cold sore, but it will also help to heal it more quickly. To find out more about how the Coveraid Therapeutic Cold Sore Concealer, just click on the product link to read customer reviews and check pricing information.

The only disadvantage about this type of treatment would be if the sore is in the fold, between your chin and lower lip. A Band-Aid type pad may have trouble staying on, just because of the constant movement.

Best Treatment for Cold Sores on the Chin

The virus lies dormant in a cluster of nerves by the inner ear, and it travels in only one nerve in your face. This is why they show up in the same spot.  If you are unlucky enough to have to deal with a few of these, at least you will know that it is, indeed a cold sore, and not a pimple. This way, you will be able to start to treat it faster, and it won’t have a chance to grow into a full blown sore.

You don’t need to suffer with a painful blister or scabbing, but it will take an extra day or two to go away if left untreated. They can be embarrassing, because of the stereotypes, but when left untreated, they can be way more painful than anything.

Abreva Cold Sore Gel

One of the most trusted names in the industry is Abreva. This treatment is made specifically to target the virus, and stop it from getting any worse.  It can be used at any time during the life cycle of the cold sore, but try to use it when it first appears. When the cold sore is located on the chin, this can be tricky. If you have never had a cold sore before, it will probably reach a more advanced stage before you know that it’s not a pimple.

HERP-B-GONE Cold Cream

An excellent way to get rid of a cold sore on the chin fast is to use HERP-B-GONE. You can read more about it in our in-depth review by clicking on the link. From 250+ consumers reviews, in excess of 70% of customers have awarded it a 5 star rating. Created by a dermatologist, it does work very quickly, and it is also all-natural. Keep a tub stored away and start treatment immediately.

Whether you get cold sores frequently frequently or not, fever blisters are no fun at all.  And many people don’t realize that they can appear on other parts of the face and not just the lip.  The products that we have discussed are effective, and work quickly to get rid of cold sores, regardless of the stage that they’ve reached. Identifying the causes will enable you to start treatment as early as possible.

If you find yourself wondering ‘Can you get cold sores on the chin?’, the answer is yes. It’s also good to know that there are treatments available that can conceal cold sores from staring eyes and help to heal a cold sore more quickly.