What Are the Best Fever Blister Remedies?

When you have a fever blister, or cold sore, you just want the pain and embarrassment to stop, and fast.  There are so many things on the internet that say that they get rid of the sore, but how many can really do that?  When you want fever blister remedies that really work, there are only a few that are truly effective.

Fever blisters go through different stages.  The first is a tingling or burning sensation on your lip, cheek, under your nose, or on or under your chin.  They usually appear on the lip, though.

You may have tried everything that you could think of.  Putting ice on it for the pain, putting petroleum jelly, or Vaseline on it to avoid any cracking of the scab, and even may have covered it with some kind of makeup to try to make it less visible.

As you’re already found out, these really don’t work very well.  You need to use an over-the-counter treatment made especially for fever blisters.  Some of these will have the sore gone within a week, instead of the usual 10 to 14 days that it will last without treatment.

In this article, we will discuss a few different remedies that are very effective at treating fever blisters.  Since people have different preferences in treatments, we will talk about different ones.

Best Fever Blister Remedies

Best Fever Blister Remedies


A newer treatment that has been introduced into the market is called HERP-B-GONE.  You can read our review to get more detail, but we will cover some of the details here.

Herp-B-Gone is actually a specially formulated lip balm.  It is one of the few fever blister remedies that have been approved by the FDA for safe treatment.

It is 100% natural, and it gives you instant relief from the burning and pain associated with fever blisters.  It also promotes fast healing.

Some of the ingredients are what are called essential oils, and these oils have been known for many years for their powerful healing properties.  Some of these are coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, and hemp oil.  It also contains L-Lysine, which is also known to prevent outbreaks.

It is also one of the only treatments available that can block the virus from coming through at all.  The virus is located in a cluster of nerves by the ear, and travels though only one nerve.  This is why the fever blister usually only happens in one spot.

When you use this as a lip balm every day, you can easily avoid the fever blister from coming through the skin.


This is a more well-known treatment for fever blisters.  This is also approved by the FDA for safe treatment of cold sores.  You can read more about Abreva by clicking on the link.

For the best results, this treatment should be used at the very first sign of a fever blister, which is the hard red spot, or tingling or burning sensation on the lip.  You can still use is if the sore gets more advanced, but it will take longer to heal.

The active ingredient in this remedy is called Docosanol, and is able to fight the virus that causes the sore fast.  It blocks the bump from growing any further, and it is a topical cream that is to be used only one the fever blister itself.

Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore

You probably associate Orajel with toothaches, but they have come out with a remedy for fever blisters also.  It is a one-time application, and you don’t have to rub it into the sore.

As soon as you put it on the sore, it kills the pain.  It quickly soaks into the sore or blister and kills the virus quickly.

It is also a lip moisturizer, so during the healing process you won’t have to worry about the blister oozing (if you already have one), or a scab tearing.

Home Remedies for Fever Blisters

Tea Tree Oil

Some people already have this, as it is good at healing many ailments.  Tea tree oil is very good for healing fever blisters.  It has many natural healing properties, and it works fast at stopping the pain and killing the virus.

When using tea tree oil, you should dilute it with what is called a carrier oil.  One of the best to use is olive oil.  Tea tree oil is a very potent essential oil, so if you use it without diluting it, it will probably add more pain to the sore.  By mixing it with olive oil, you will dilute the potency, not the healing properties.  In fact, the olive oil will add even more healing properties to it.

All that you have to do to use it is to put a small amount on the sore.  This can be used at any stage of the cold sore, and will drastically reduce the healing time.


Garlic is also known for having healing abilities, and it also works to heal fever blisters quickly.  It does sting, though, when you apply it.  But it also cuts the healing time in about half.

To use garlic to heal your fever blister, just dice a few cloves, and mash them to make a paste.  Apply this a few times a day to the sore.


Many people take a Lysine supplement to heal their fever blisters quickly.  The suggested dosage is 1,000 – 3,000mg a day.  An important thing to know about Lysine is that you have to start using it as soon as you see the small red bump, or feel the tingling or burning sensation.

There are many other fever blister remedies, but the ones that we have listed above are very effective.  While a couple of them have to be used as soon as you notice the first signs, the others can be used at any time of the life of the blister, and will give you relief from the pain and itching of the fever blister.